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Mapping with Google

Discover new ways to navigate the world around you with Google Maps and Google Earth.

Improve your use of new and existing features of Google's mapping tools.

Choose your own path. Complete a project using Google Maps, Google Earth, or both.

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Google Maps Lessons & Project

Explore features of the new Google Maps. Learn to create and share custom maps using Google Maps Engine Lite. Taught by Google Maps Product Managers Daniel Demetri and Beth Liebert.

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Google Earth Lessons & Project

Discover the world using Google Earth. Learn how to create and share a tour of interesting locations that tells a 3D geographical story. Taught by Google Earth Product Manager Peter Birch.

Course Information

Mapping with Google is a self-paced, online course where you will watch videos (or read text lessons) and apply the skills you learn.

Course completion requires an internet-enabled desktop or laptop computer.

Course availability is subject to all applicable laws, regulations and trade sanctions.